Succes Stories

JumpSnap's success is about real people and their real stories. It is not a fad or a gimmick and it is most certainly not a diet. It is a way to lose weight and get fit – period.


"Nothing is more motivating than results. I lost 50 lbs and trimmed 6 inches off my waist. I have changed my life through this easy to use program and now I look better, feel better and I am living better."
- Brad LaTour, JumpSnap Inventor

"I love using JumpSnap! This virtual jump rope allows me to exercise in any room in the house. It's convenient, quiet and doesn't wake my sleeping baby. I especially love the digital display that tracks the number of repetitions and calories burned. Such a wonderful product...for beginners and advanced athletes."
-LaSan Crispin, 38 – Busy Mother of 3

"This JumpSnap exercise routine is great. I needed the motivation and now I have lost 8 lbs. If I can lose 8, I can lose another 8, yep 16 lbs to go and I will weigh in at 114 lbs. I will finally fit into my clothes again! Bye, bye baby weight, hello sunshine!"
-Denna Schmidt, 42 – New Mom

"I'm 54 years old. For the last 30 years, I've worked hard to stay in good physical shape. Simply put, JumpSnap takes the concept of an efficient, intense, effective workout to a whole new a wide margin"
-Ernie Lederer, 54 – Fit Baby Boomer

"Loving the DVD workouts. I have caught on pretty easily to most of the jumps so far. It was definitely easier when I took the weights out but plan to slowly add them back in over time."
-Dan Callahan, 28 – Former Minor League Baseball Player